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The Sacred Florida Water Spray

The Sacred Florida Water Spray

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Florida water is a type of cologne that’s used in spiritual practices. Florida water was first used in the 1800s as a perfume. Nowadays, people who practice spiritual rituals or cleansings use it to ward off bad luck and negative energy from their homes, body and work space. It’s often used like holy water to cleanse spaces, purify intentions, and enhance spiritual practices.

Angel number assisting you is 1881

It’s called the mirror number, for new beginnings and helps to banish fear. The vibrations of this number is powerful. This number carries the energies of hard work paying off, positivity, abundance, wealth, success, karma, manifesting your desires into reality, service to humanity, altruism, global awareness, Universal Love, and light working.

The aroma is beautiful!

Love, Light and pros


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