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Sultry Beauty & Co. By A.M.B Luxurious Herbal Blends

Wealth/Money Spray

Wealth/Money Spray

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In the spiritual world, we understand money is a frequency  has power. It can create an healthy and comfortable lifestyle. To attract money, we must change your mindset concerning it. It’s law of attraction. Having money is a good thing. Not negative. Our money spray will assist in bringing fortune, wealth and abundance to your finances.  Spray this spray and watch the doors of money, wealth, prosperity and abundance open and flow into your life. 

It is your turn to win. Invoke the energy of money into your life. Ase'

Angel  number assisting you is 2222

Extremely lucky number that signifies abundance across every area of your life. You are being supported by the universe in your new endeavors, and everything that you need will be provided to you. Be open to new opportunities and take advantage of them when they come your way.

Love, Light and Prosperity 


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