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45min to 60min sound healing

45min to 60min sound healing

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What is Sound Healing

It’s Energy, everything in the universe is energy just operating at a different frequency. When sound bowls are placed on the body, it can penetrate deep into the body, down to the bones. When placed around the body. The

vibrational sound enters the nervous system offering relaxation. It is a practice based on the belief that sound frequencies, waves of energy and vibrations can promote healing and balance within the body, mind, and spirit. Sound healing also works on a cellular level. It helps shape our thought process in a positive way, realigning our energy. Below are the mechanisms explaining how sound healing might contribute to healing and wellness: 

"Energy flows where your attention goes."

Some benefits you may experience from sound healing are:

  • reduced stress
  • Offers inner peace
  • lower blood pressure
  • Lower heart rate
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • better pain managment
  • improved sleep
  • release of emotional blockages
  • harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit
  • Relaxation. One of the most important and universal advantages of sound therapy is deep relaxation.
  • Improved Energy
  • Health Benefits
  • Mental Health Benefits
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Raise Your vibrational frequency
  • Purify your emotions
  • Remove Blockage and toxins
  • Repair and restore cells in your brain and body
  • Cleanses Negative energy    removing anger, Hatred, and negativity in a person’s body. It helps to remove negative energy by balancing chakras and removing deep problems & clearing Blockages through brain waves. Balancing chakra helps to balance well-being and health by cleansing negative energy of the body.
  • Balance entire chakras system

“Sound therapy is deeply rooted in science and based on the principles of quantum physics and sacred geometry. There are hundreds of clinical trials and peer-reviewed white paper studies on the healing properties of sound,” adds Resasco. “In fact, Western medicine uses sound waves on a daily basis in the form of ultrasound technology, which can be used to break up kidney stones among other things.” 

Virtual session are 30 mins for $45.00. Working on each Chakra at a time or a particular Chakra.

In person, Sessions are $75.00 for 45 to 60mins.

 Virtual sessions, You would have to be in a quit room with headphones 🎧

Be relaxed, lying down or reclining, calm and comfortable for about 30mins.

The healing Bowls is used to align your Chakras and unblock them in your body.

 Once your chakras are unblocked. You can think clearer, hear sounds you never noticed before, feel grounded, feel light in your spirit and your third eye will open up allowing you to see and be more discerning.

After your sound bath ends. Please stay hydrated, it helps release the toxins in your body, get rest, and stay relaxed. It’s important that you stay in the moment and process your experience. Once you’re comfortable enough, you can carry on with your day.

 Side effects are Cold like symptoms, a headache, feeling tired or sleepy or extremely energetic. This is normal and a great sign that the session is working and your body is detoxifying itself.

Sound Baths can make you emotional if you’re working on healing trauma. You’re releasing deep-seated emotions and toxins. Just remember that you’re in a safe space and free to relax, release and heal.

 Sound baths treatments can take up to two to three months or a year to feel the full effects. I recommend getting bimonthly sessions to stay attune.

 Warning ‼️

If you have sensitivity to sounds, lights, pregnant or have a mental illness that maybe altered by sound waves. Please consult with your doctor before making an appointment.

“Chakra toning helps us to connect to the Cosmic Vibration of Creation, which expresses itself as Cosmic Sound and Cosmic Light. Each time we recite a chakra”

 Let’s get into it



Instructions for the Chakra Toning Practice 


  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on a cushion on the floor.

  • Keep your spine as straight as possible, which allows the vibrant energy to flow freely inside your body.

  • Place your hands on top of your knees. If you choose, you can put your hands in your favorite mudra.

  • Gently close your eyes.


  • Speak in a gentle voice when reciting the vowels. Try not to strain your voice or force any of the vowel sounds, particularly if you are new to the practice. Straining can potentially impede the proper flow of energy, thereby reducing its benefits.

  • Pointer: Ultimately, when working with chakra tones, do whatever feels right to you. Search and discover the right pitch according to your perception of resonance with a specific chakra. Generally, the lower tones resonate with the lower chakras and higher tones resonate with the higher chakras.

  • Before reciting the vowels, bring awareness on each chakra, with the focus of balancing, harmonizing and healing that chakra.

  • Allow the vibration of the sound to resonate in the specific area of the body that's associated with the particular chakra.

"Energy flows where your attention goes."

  • For this particular practice there is no set frequency. To find the correct pitch for a particular chakra, scan up and down your body (or body area) feeling for a resonance (apart from the throat where it will always resonate). You will notice this will vary each day or during each practice.


  • To begin, take a few deep breaths. Next, breathe in expanding the belly as you do so.

  • Try to visualize the energy from each breath moving into the specific chakra you have placed your focus and awareness on. If you are a visual learner, then imagine each color associated with each chakra.

How to Practice the Chakra Vowel Sounds

  • Recite each vowel sound 3 or 7 times at each of the chakra locations.

  • Begin the vowel sounds for the chakras in order from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra. 
  1. First Chakra (Root). Located at the base of the spine. Recite 7 times with a deep “UUH” sound, as in “cup”. It's a low guttural sound riding on the breath. Color: Red.

  2. Second Chakra (Sacral). Located just below the belly button and by the sacrum. Recite 7 times using a higher pitched – but still deep – “OOO” sound, as in “you” or "too". Color: Orange.

  3. Third Chakra (Solar Plexus). Located above the navel and below the bottom of the ribcage. Recite 7 times using a higher pitched “OOH” sound, as in “go” or "so".  Color: Yellow.

  4. Fourth Chakra (Heart). Located in the center of the heart region. Recite 7 times using a higher pitched “AAH” sound, as in “ma”. Color: Green.

  5. Fifth Chakra (Throat). Located at the base of the throat. Recite 7 times using a higher pitched “EYE" sound, as in “my”. Color: Blue.

  6. Sixth Chakra (Third Eye). Located between the eyebrows. Recite 7 times, using a still higher “AYE” sound, as in “say”. Color: Indigo.

  7. Seventh Chakra (Crown). Located at the top of the head. Recite 7 times, using a high pitched “EEE” sound, as in “me” or "see". Color: Violet or white.


  • After completing the practice, sit quietly in a space of silence, openness, and receptivity. 

  • Pointer: If you happen to feel too light-headed, then recite the“aaaah” to bring the energy back to the heart and to stimulate the vagus nerve. If you feel "spacey," recite the "uuuh" or “ooooh” sound to bring the energy back down your body, grounding and anchoring you.


  • Raises your vibration and brightens the aura.

  • Restores the vibrational pattern and alignment of your physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energy body.

  • Balances, aligns and harmonizes the chakras.

  • Reboots the nervous and endocrine systems.

  • Is a powerful mind-body meditation practice.

  • Connects the body and mind with the breath.

  • Supports vagal breathing and vagal tone.

  • Cultivates clarity of the mind and promotes inner peace.

  • Helps to harness the power of the mind, improving mental focus and concentration.

  • Improves the health of the body.

  • Increases somatic awareness.

  • Teaches how to use your voice to powerfully carry your intentions and to manifest good health.

 If you have any more questions.

Please email me at

You’re in a safe space. You are free to Relax, Release and heal.

Love & Light,


Namaste 🙏🏽

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